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As Silpakorn University has not offered any degree programs related to musical studies, therefore, the Faculty of Music, Silpakorn University’s tenth faculty, was founded since 1998. Its vision is to produce musicians of international standards who are well-equipped with performing and musical skills, as well as who love for and have deep understanding of the musical arts. The Faculty has started to accept its classes of students since the year 1999. This initiated program has contained both intensive musical theories and practical sessions for the students.

Moreover, the Faculty of Music has regularly organized academic activities and events in a variety of forms and formats. These include inviting professional musicians or famous artists as special guest lecturers and performers both internationally and nationally to join in many faculty’s events, seminars, music workshops, master classes, and numerous concerts performed by both faculty members and students. All aims to contribute something to the society. The Faculty of Music also has a policy to support student activities, as well as those activities, which are art or culture-related nature. It is hoped that the benefits that the students gain from participating in these beyond-classrooms, extra-curricular activities will help them to increase their various abilities and build their characters to become good and capable members of the society as well as compete with the international standard.


Bachelor’s Degree Program
- Bachelor of Music (Performance)
- Bachelor of Music (Jazz Studies)
- Bachelor of Music (Commercial Music)
- Bachelor of Arts (Music and Entertainment Business)

Master’s Degree Programs
- Master of Music (Music Research and Development)

Offering Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Degree Programs
- B.Mus. (Performance)
- B.Mus. (Jazz Studies)
- B.Mus. (Commercial Music)
- B.A. (Music and Entertainment Business)

Master’s Degree Program
- M.Mus. (Music Research and Development)




Faculty of Music
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