Faculty of Decorative Arts

Faculty Information

The Faculty of Decorative Arts was established in 1956 under the impetus of Professor Silpa Bhirasri (Corrado Feroci), at that time the Dean of the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture.

The new Faculty was the first such institution of higher education in Thailand to promote the study of the various disciplines of the design profession, in their academic and practical aspects.

Currently, the seven respective departments offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs in the fields of Interior Design, Visual Communication Design, Product Design, Applied Art Studies, Ceramics, Jewelry Design, and Fashion Design. Students are trained in project management, art education and aesthetics, among other cross-disciplinary specializations.

Annual exhibitions showcase the works of the faculty and students, with a special focus on students’ works for their theses. The Faculty also holds a design contest every year that is open to public participation, and offers design services for public and private concerns.

The decorative arts serve society in numerous ways, most importantly in preserving the arts and culture while promoting new concepts and styles.


Bachelor’s Degree Program
- Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interior Design)
- Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Communication Design)
- Bachelor of Fine Arts (Product Design)
- Bachelor of Fine Arts (Applied Art Studies)
- Bachelor of Fine Arts (Ceramics)
- Bachelor of Fine Arts (Jewelry Design)
- Bachelor of Fine Arts (Fashion Design)

Master’s Degree Programs
- Master of Fine Arts (Design Arts)
- Master of Fine Arts (Product Design)
- Master of Fine Arts (Jewelry Design)

Doctoral Degree Programs
- Doctor of Philosophy (Design Arts)

Offering Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Degree Programs
- B.F.A. (Interior Design)
- B.F.A. (Visual Communication Design)
- B.F.A. (Product Design)
- B.F.A. (Applied Art Studies)
- B.F.A. (Ceramics)
- B.F.A. (Jewelry Design)
- B.F.A. (Fashion Design)

Master’s Degree Programs
- M.F.A. (Design Art)
- M.F.A. (Product Design)
- M.F.A (Jewelry Design)

Doctoral Degree Program
- Ph.D. (Design Arts) : International Program




Faculty of Decorative Arts
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Faculty of Decorative Arts
Silpakorn University
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