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The Graduate School was established in 1972 to facilitate the University’s expanding post-graduate studies. It was meant to serve as a central administrative unit and to coordinate graduate study programs. In carrying out this task, the Graduate School has also assumed a vital role in formulating policies, controlling academic standards and quality, promoting graduate research, and providing administrative as well as academic supports for departments in both developing and launching their graduate study programs. Presently, the Graduate School is offering the various graduate programs in doctoral degree level and master degree level, both in regular programs and special programs. In some programs, the courses are offered in weekends apart from the daily working hours for enhancing more learning opportunities for the groups of working people.


Master’s Degree Programs
- Master of Arts (Educational Informatics) - Master of Arts (Archives and Cultural Heritage Information Management)
- Master of Arts (Conservation of Fine Art)
- Master of Science (Agribusiness)
- Master of Science (Acoustic Design and Sonic Arts)
- Master of Fine Arts (Design Innovation and Hotel and Real Estate Management)

Offering Degree Programs

Master’s Degree Programs
- M.A. Master of Arts (Educational Informatics)
- M.A. (Archives and Cultural Heritage Information Management)
- M.A. (Conservation of Fine Art)
- M.Sc. (Agribusiness)
- M.S. (Acoustic Design and Sonic Arts)
- M.F.A. (Design Innovation and Hotel and Real Estate Management)




Graduate School
Silpakorn University
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7th floor, 50th year Building,
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Graduate School
Silpakorn University
2nd floor the Office of President.
22 Borommarachachonnani Rd.
Talingchan District,
Bangkok 10170, THAILAND
Tel. +66 2 849 7502 - 3
Fax. +66 2 849 7503
Graduate School
Silpakorn University Wang Tha Phra Campus
31 Na Prha Lan Road, Phra Nakorn District
Bangkok 10200, THAILAND
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Silpakorn University
Phechaburi Information Technology Campus
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