Faculty Senate of Silpakorn University

University Faculty Council. The first was held in 2517 as a result of regulations on the Faculty of Arts in 2517, the University Council Meeting No. 4/ 2517 on 30 April 2517 has enacted regulations. is called. " Regulations on the University Faculty Senate 2517 " issued under Section 15 ( 1 ) of the 2511 regulations, this University has adopted on 21 April 2517.

Faculty Council to enact regulations to carry out the functions as well as a sequel, not legal. And just to the status of a legitimate par University Act 2530 , Section 24, to the University Faculty Council , which comprises the Faculties of the University elected by the faculty of the University. The previous consultation, and recommendations to the President and other duties assigned by the President.

Website: http://www.senate.su.ac.th